Plus Size Womens Fashion

Personally, I have not always been a "bigger” girl growing up. I did not have troubles finding clothes that would fit. However, my self-esteem was way below average. I did not notice the increase in my weight until others pointed it out. Also, subtly I became to notice clothes were not fitting me as well as they use to.

Whilst out shopping for plus size Womens clothing, I came to notice that plus size Womens clothing was either unpleasant or would cost an arm and a leg. These changes although small to others was a down point in my life which again made my self-esteem plummet.

Jen ST Boutique’s, new Plus Size Fall Collection aims to provide stylish pieces for all my fellow full figured girls at a reasonable price without compromising quality.

I mean all women deserve to feel beautiful no matter what shape or size right? FYI my self-esteem is in good condition now :)

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